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Big 20 #16

March 11th, 2023 1pm ET

Marathon Info

Race Day Chart

Chart includes runs where splits were available and < 7 hour times. Wait times excluded.

Race Day Table TotalGyromiteStreemerzJoustXexyzLoopzTrog!Jackie ChanAl UnserSpace GullsAdventure Island 3Battle TankChicken of the FarmArkista's RingLawn MowerSuper SprintDragon Warrior RandoFun HouseWario's WoodsG.I. JoeStar Wars# Finished
23ShinDigPig 🐷4:04:160:07:280:07:120:10:180:08:230:09:470:18:450:23:140:03:290:09:180:17:210:09:460:10:250:20:530:10:370:05:450:14:260:07:420:13:040:10:460:13:0020

Table includes totals for individual game times (not wait times).
Game times obtained by watching streams and recording splits so may be off.
Will be updated throughout the week using splits posted to the tracker

Race Day Goals


  • The games must be played in order. Earned passwords can always be used.
  • The games must be played live.
  • You must wait at least 30 seconds after completing a game before starting the next.
  • After the 10th game (Adventure Island 3) there is a mandatory 2 minute wait before starting the 11th game (Battle Tank)
  • Save states are not allowed during the race. Be sure to disable the use of save states before the race begins. Using one may result in disqualification from the race.

Game List

1. Gyromite (Beat Phase 10)

Game #1: Gyromite

Goal: Beat Phase 10

Time Start: Selecting “1P Game A” on Title Screen 

Time Stop: On screen transition to the “Phase 11” splash screen

The 1 Controller Romhack is allowed. If you run out of lives, you may continue where you left off by selecting the phase you last died on.

2. Streemerz (Any%)

Game #2: Streemerz

Goal: Any%

Time Start: Selecting “Time Attack” on Title Screen
Time Stop: On screen transition after exiting the final area (In-game timer will stop)

3. Joust (100k points or 20 Waves total)

Game #3: Joust

Goal: 100k points

Time Start: First input on the Title Screen

Time Stop: On getting 100k points or beating 20 Waves total.

This means if you beat wave 12 and die on wave 13, you would need to beat wave 8 to have beaten 20 waves total. A wave is considered beaten when it shows the next wave (so if it says “Wave 10”, you have beaten 9 waves).

This should not provide a time advantage to anyone, but will provide an out to anyone who dies late in their run or has trouble getting 100k points. To clarify further, the 100k point goal would have to be in a single run. 20 waves total can be over multiple runs.

4. Xexyz (Beat Area 3)

Game #4: Xexyz

Goal: Beat Area 3

Time Start: Selecting “Start” on the title screen

Time Stop: On the “Area 4-1” splash screen

5. Loopz (Game A, 25 loops total)

Game #5: Loopz

Goal: 25 Loops total, Game Type A

Time Start: Selecting any level on Level Select Screen (Game Type A)

Time Stop: After getting 25 loops total

It is possible to game over before getting 25 loops. If you do, you can start a new game and get the remaining loops you need (even though your loop counter will not say 25). Resets are not allowed. If you reset during your attempt, you will need to get 25 loops from that point forward.

Example: If you get 20 loops and then game over, you can start a new game from the title screen (without resetting to save time), get 5 loops, and then you will have achieved the goal.

6. Trog! (Any%)

Game #6: Trog

Goal: Any% (any difficulty)

Time Start: On selecting difficulty from the difficulty select screen

Time Stop: On screen transition after the final stage (50). (after final stage when the screen is completely covered in black just before “You Did It” is shown.)

7. Jackie Chan’s Action Kung Fu (Any%)

Game #7: Jackie Chan’s Action Kung Fu

Goal: Any%

Time Start: Pressing Start on Title Screen

Time Stop: On screen transition after the final boss is defeated. (Cherry blossom screen will appear and ending will play)

This ending time is slightly later than’s ending time to make splitting easier during the race.

After taking a death, on the title screen you can press “Up, up, Down, Down, Up, Down, B, A, Start then on controller 2 Press “B” to get 99 continues. You may not use the level select feature to start at a later area. You may not use this code to start the game (it skips a lengthy cut scene).

8. Al Unser Jr. Turbo Racing (Time Trial A, Japan 40 pts)

Game #8: Al Unser Jr. Turbo

Goal: Japan Time Trial A (4 Loops, 40 points)

Time Start: Pressing start after selecting BGM.

Time Stop: On the Time Trial Mode A results screen after finishing the 4th loop

The settings you’ll need are on the left. You can assign the 40 stat points how you’d like during the 30 second wait between games.

9. Space Gulls (Any%)

Game #9: Spacegulls

Goal: Any%

Time Start: Pressing Start on the Title Screen

Time Stop: Landing on the ground after the final screen. (The ending will start)

10. Adventure Island 3 (Beat World 4)

Game #10: Adventure Island 3

Goal: Beat World 4 (Any %)

Time Start: First Input on Title Screen

Time Stop: On screen transition after defeating the world 4 boss (underwater fish boss)

11. Battle Tank (Beat Mission 3)

Game #11: Battle Tank

Goal: Beat Mission 3

Time Start: Pressing start on the Title Screen

Time Stop: On Screen Transition after finishing Mission 3

12. Chicken of the Farm (Any%)

Game #12: Chicken of the Farm

Goal: Any%

Time Start: Pressing start on the Title Screen

Time Stop: On screen transition after defeating the final boss

13. Arkista’s Ring (Any%)

Game #13: Arkista’s Ring

Goal: Beat the Game (First Loop)

Time Start: Selecting “Game Start” on the Title Screen
Time Stop: When you touch the key outside the castle

14. Lawn Mower (Any%)

Game #14: Lawnmower

Goal: Any%

Time Start: First Input on Title Screen

Time Stop: On “Level Clear” appearing on the screen for Lawn 10

Time stops slightly later than of “reaching 100% done” to make splitting easier during the race

15. Super Sprint (Glitchless One Loop 7 Tracks)

Game #15: Super Sprint

Goal: One Loop (7 Tracks) Glitchless

Time Start: Selecting “1 Player” on the title screen

Time Stop: On screen transition after finishing Level 6, the 7th track

Backwards driving, pausing, or any other method to shorten a track is not permitted.

16. Dragon Warrior Rando (Enter Charlock)

Game #16: Dragon Warrior Randomizer

Goal: Enter Charlock

Time Start: On selecting “Which message speed do you want to use”

Time Stop: On screen transition after entering Charlock after the rainbow bridge

17. Fun House (Beat Floor 2 Warpless)

Game #17: Fun House

Goal: Beat Floor 2 (Warpless)

Time Start: Pressing start on the title screen

Time Stop: Screen transition after beating Floor 2-6

Watch out for accidentally hitting warps – this goal is warpless and warping (accidental or otherwise) requires a reset to finish the goal

18. Wario’s Woods (20 Rounds, Game A)

Game #18: Wario’s Woods

Goal: 20 Rounds, Game A

Time Start: On selecting Round 1 on the Jump Round Select screen

Time Stop: When “Round Clear” is displayed on screen after clearing round 20.

Exiting a level and/or using “Jump Round select” is not allowed during the run

19. G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero (Beat Mission 3)

Game #19: G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero

Goal: Beat Mission 3

Time Start: Selecting “New Game”

Time Stop: On screen transition after defeating the Mission 3 boss (the next screen will show snake eyes exiting the sewer)

20. Star Wars (Any%)

Game #20: Star Wars

Goal: Any%

Time Start: Pressing start on the title screen

Time Stop: When screen fades to black after destroying the Death Star in the final stage

Please note this is not the Namco version with the same name. The correct game’s board can be found here: 

A special note about the asteroid section: You can grab shields to take asteroid impacts before you do this stage – 2 per shield. Dying keeps your shields, so you can grab a shield, die, and grab the same shield again for extra safety. You can also pause during the asteroid section to make it easier.

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Practice Place Changes

Theoretical racer placement if everyone’s practice PBs raced against one another. Full sheets only.

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Practice Stats

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Practice PB Table
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