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Big20 Race #12 – March 7th, 2020

Race Day Results


The Games

1PinballGet 20,000 pointsStarting point (after 30s): Title screen, cursor on "Game A". Timing ends when you get 20,000 points. play on 1 Player game ANone
2Super Spike V'BallBeat the first team in American circuitTiming ends when it says "game set" from the judge.None
3Skate or Die!Compete AllTiming ends when you see "skating to skateshop" on screen. Complete all events.. Resources: WR 2:18.417 by simillarian;=emb_logoNone
4Mickey's Safari in LetterlandBeat the gameTiming ends when when you see the Museum screen. any% Play on normal difficulty. Resources: WR 3:44.384 by jkI87
5Ivan "Ironman" Stuart's Super Off-RoadComplete 4 racesTiming ends when screen turn black after winning fanfare after winning your 4th race. You dont have to win 4 races in a row. You are not allowed to reset and and still count a race you won.None
6WolverineBeat the gameTiming ends when you see the Wolverine cutscene after killing the last boss.None
7Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Ill: The Manhattan ProjectBeat stage 3Timing ends when screen start scrolling right after killing boss. Beat stage 3 boss Bebop. Resources: WR 35:38 by omqwat;=emb_logoNone
8PuzznicBeat level 3-10Timing ends when "clear!!" shows on screen after beating level 3-10. Puzznic, not gravnic. Resources: WR 1:04:21 by ZodaNOR
9UninvitedBeat the gameTiming ends when you see the envelope on screen after beating the game. Any% Beat the game. Resources: WR 10:50.680 by NESCardinality
10Ironsword - Wizards & Warriors 2Assemble the IronswordTiming ends when you see "you have assembled the ironsword" on screen after beating the stage 4 boss. Assemble the Ironsword. Resources: WR 8:28 by snibbermekimbers
11Wrath of the Black MantaBeat the gameTiming ends when screen fades out after beating the last boss.. Any% Beat the game. Resources: WR 11:18 by SubStylee
12Rod LandBeat whale bossTiming ends when "boss clear" screen shows after beating the second boss.. jump mode is not allowed. Play the Famicom version of the game.None
13G.l. Joe: The Atlantis FactorBeat the gameTiming ends when screen is black after fading out killing last boss.. Any% Beat the game. Resources: WR 8:58 by Toad22484;=emb_logoNone
14Tom & JerryBeat the gameTiming ends when you see the screen with "good job" after defeating Tom (last boss). Any% Beat the game. Play the Famicom version of the game. Resources: WR 9:18.608 by WhiteHat94;=gT8tWqTa_u8&feature;=emb_logoNone
15Adventure IslandBeat world 2Timing ends when Higgins leaves the screen to the right after beating level 2-4 boss.None
16Gun-NacBeat area 3Timing ends when "area-3 clear" shows on screen after beating the boss. Use default settings, press start on title screen dont change any settings.. 17. Whomp 'EmNone
17Whomp 'EmBeat the gameTiming ends when screen starting to shake after killing the boss. Any% Beat the game.. Resources: WR 12:45.031 by WhiteHat94|&feature;=emb_logoNone
18Mega Man 38 robot mastersTiming ends when you see the screen with mega man in the middle spot and all other 8 are black. Play the 8 robot masters in any order you want.. Resources: WR 33:42 by ColonelFatso
19ShatterhandBeat A-FTiming ends when last "area cleared" screen appears. Beat stage A B C D F (order is optional). Resources: WR 19:54 by Tarbash
20Metal GearBeat the gameTiming ends when after leaving on top of the second screen going up in the elevator. (GG). Anv% Beat the game. Play on the US version.. Resources: WR 24:30 by dunnius

Race Day VODs